Unicom Customer Service

Unicom is constantly looking for new ways to deliver an exceptionally high standard of customer service. Customers who contact Unicom will experience:

  • A UK based customer service centre
    We do not outsource our customer service functions to cheaper, overseas call centres, which have been widely criticised for using poorly trained staff and for providing a low quality of service. All of our 150 customer service staff are UK based and trained to the highest of standards, to give the customer total satisfaction.

  • UK based customer service
    Our customer service team have been independently recognised and awarded the Customer Service Excellence accreditation and the Customer First accreditation. These accreditationss are confirmed by outside experts against strict criteria focusing on areas research has shown to be priority for customers (for example professionalism and staff attitude).

  • A Hi-Tech Call Centre
    Our call centre uses sophisticated call routing and monitoring equipment to ensure your call is answered at the earliest opportunity. Service levels are visible to all employees to ensure maximum motivation to deal with your call promptly and efficiently.

  • Online account management tools
    As a Unicom customer you will gain access to the online Customer Zone. After signing up you will have access to your invoices online, you can take advantage of the Total Recall call analysis suite of tools, you can test your telephone line for faults, and you can take advantage of the ever increasing range of tools we are developing to manage your account.

  • A Strong Dynamic Support Structure
    Our customer service teams are structured in a flexible manner, in order to ensure we have the best resources in place to handle incoming calls, even during our busiest periods.

  • Free Technical Support
    Many communication providers subsidise their prices by charging customers to receive the technical support that they require. Unicom believes that this is unethical and we do not charge for technical support. We are happy to deal with your problem, no matter how long it takes.


  • No 0870, 0844 or 0845 numbers
    Other communication providers use expensive premium rate numbers for their incoming customer service calls. All of our incoming calls are charged at the price of a normal call, rather than the higher National Rate 0870 or higher Local Rate 0845. Companies that have these numbers make money from each call that they receive. Unicom believes that it is the customer's right to receive efficient and economical service whenever they need it.

  • No automated menus or messages
    Most customers find automated menus extremely frustrating and that is why Unicom does not use any automated menus or recorded messages. Each incoming call is answered by a real person.

  • Letters replied to in 3 days
    All letters should be replied to in less than 3 working days, from the date of receipt. Our correspondence team achieves a success level of over 95% and all customers can expect a prompt reply to any letter that they send to us. View details of Unicom Service Levels.

Fraud Awareness

Unfortunately telecommunication fraud exists and is a risk that customers should consider and be aware of.

Unicom, as a telecommunication provider, has no control over, and consequently cannot be held responsible for a customer’s PABX/Switch configuration, voicemail security or any other additional features of service apart from where it is contractually responsible for the management of these services. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that this equipment is in good working order.

As per Unicom’s contractual terms and conditions, the customer remains liable for all charges incurred from call traffic passed over the nominated UK network. Customers should be reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure with their equipment provider that all possible actions to prevent fraudulent use have been taken.

Unicom does not provide a fraud monitoring service but will provide support where practical where the customer may have experienced fraudulent activity.

Methods of fraudulent activity are multiple and varied, as such Unicom cannot guarantee that any potential fraud is immediately detected.
Unicom will offer advice and support but no liability can be accepted by Unicom for any loss, monetarily or in relation to service delivery experienced by the customer through fraudulent activity.