Investors in People

The Investors in People standard is an internationally recognised mark of best practice in the training, development and deployment of staff.

Investors in People focuses on the following key areas of the business:

  • Business strategy
  • Learning and development strategy
  • People management strategy
  • Management effectiveness
  • Recognition and reward
  • Involvement and empower
  • Performance measurement
  • Continuous improvement

In order to achieve this standard, an independent assessor visited Unicom’s head office in Manchester and interviewed a wide range of staff over several days. Staff were chosen from all of the operational departments and included senior managers and directors. Interviews took place to assess how well employees understood the company vision and how well we train and develop staff etc.

Following this assessment period Unicom’s Operational Department was awarded the Investors in People standard. In their report the following was highlighted:

“There is clear and strong emphasis on staff development from induction and thereafter. Development needs are identified from induction and through the formal quarterly appraisal system and the various informal and procedural routes.”



“There is clear evidence of continuous evaluation of training and development at all levels, this is evidenced in many ways, typical ones being: profit, customer retention etc but also in terms of staff retention and internal progression.”

“Many managers are seen as approachable and supportive both personally and professionally as well as being effective at solving problems and issues, specifically within the ethos of ‘hard work and commitment will be rewarded’.”

“There is a strong effective induction programme for both new recruits and internal job changers. Staff progression within the organisation is extremely high.”

“There is an extremely strong culture of equal opportunity for all and evidence of flexible support for those with specific needs.”

In order to maintain the standard Unicom must be assessed once every three years by an independent assessor against the current standard.

If you would like to learn more about working for Unicom’s Operation Division, which focuses on customer care, please visit our recruitment page.