Customer First

Putting the Customer First® is the National Standard for Customer Service.

In order to achieve the standard, Unicom was independently assessed against the 32 criteria statements, which cover:

  • Customer relationships
  • Market awareness
  • People (employees)

To be awarded the standard a company must demonstrate they meet or exceed 100% of the 32 statements, making this one of the hardest standards a company can gain. Unicom demonstrated it's compliance via an independent assessment at the Manchester head office, where an assessor reviews standard paperwork and processes as well as interviewing staff from all levels of the business, e.g. from Customer Service Advisors to the Operations Director.




Following the assessment and award of the Customer First standard, Unicom were provided with a feedback report which highlighted the following areas of best practice:

“Your Compliance Department seeks to put itself in the position of Otelo when considering the organisation’s response to complaints that have been escalated externally”

“Your ‘retention rate’…is significantly above the national average, and possibly the best in the industry.”

“Your four levels of the evaluation of training and development follows industry best practice.”

In order to maintain the standard, Unicom is assessed once every two years by an independent assessor against the current standard.