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Broadband connection

Excellent friendly service and delivered as promised.

Reviewed by: Mrs Innes

Review date: 5th October 2015


Customer service is great

Have been with unicom for appox 6 yrs have had no complaints no problems my only reason for needing to use customer service is that the wind has pulled my line down and it was dealt with very quickly adviser was genuine helpful and just very down to earth would recommend the service's to anyone.

Reviewed by: Mr Rasburn

Review date: 8th October 2015


Your assistant did everything she could to help me

Your assistant was patient and helpfull throughout our session.

Reviewed by: Mr Pittendrigh

Review date: 13th October 2015



Excellent service, Quick and helpful, solved my problem quickly.

Reviewed by: Philip Dowling

Review date: 28th September 2015


Very good

Navitha very helpful excellent

Reviewed by: Mr Badman

Review date: 30th September 2015


Brilliant customer service

Great service. I did have an issue with unicom about their telesales tactics and had numerous phone calls trying to persuade me to change my gas and electricity provider. The calls stopped after I complained and was dealt with in a professional manner.

Reviewed by: Ruth

Review date: 1st October 2015


I am most impressed with the way all staff handle any queries

In this day & age it really is a pleasure to deal with a company that seems to place emphasis on good customer relations. All front line staff are a credit to you Well done!!!
I would have no reservations in recommending Unicom

Reviewed by: Mrs Cohen

Review date: 15th September 2015



Very good value for money, my phone bills are so much cheaper with Unicom.
Whenever I have contacted them by phone, the call is answered in SECONDS!!!!!! And you get to speak to a real live person in the UK!
The advisors are really knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and patient!
I highly recommend Unicom, I must say that they are a pleasure to do business with!

Reviewed by: Mr Stribling

Review date: 24th September 2015


Switch to unicom

Very good service, helpful staff, would recommend using unicom.

Reviewed by: Mr Woods

Review date: 24th September 2015


Very good service

service was very good
and all my questions were answered in a polite manner
and the matter resolved very quickly

Reviewed by: Mr Freeman

Review date: 26th August 2015


Really helpful

Problem solved quickly easy to understand instructions from staff

Reviewed by: Ms Ward

Review date: 9th September 2015


Excellent service

very understandable people on the customer sevices
Simple, easy, quick and clear service
dont need to think about the call or call back again
well done

Reviewed by: Mr Gulmen

Review date: 10th September 2015



Although my problem couldn't be resolved at this time due to unexplained circumstances the staff are so helpful and friendly excellent customer service

Reviewed by: Mrs April Cotton

Review date: 14th August 2015


Experience was good/problem solved quickly

Understood problem and returned with acceptable answers.

Reviewed by: Mr Woolcott

Review date: 19th August 2015


Excellent service

The advisor was very helpful and patient. he was determined to solve the issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Reviewed by: Mrs Francioli

Review date: 20th August 2015


Enquiry about broadband

Makes a real difference to speak to a real person that's friendly whilst remaining 100% professional.

Reviewed by: Mr Carmine Bilotta

Review date: 5th August 2015


Phillipa at Customer Service is an assett to Unicom

Truly professional friendly and caring. A delight to do business with.

Reviewed by: Quasim Suhail

Review date: 8th August 2015


A+ All the way!

I spoke with Melissa today...my call was aswered within 4 seconds...
Very polite lady and very helpful...
I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to write a review for this company.
Thanks again Melissa

Reviewed by: Mr Kerry

Review date: 13th August 2015


No phone connection

Very helpful. The phone was answered immediately and the second advisor also answered immediatly., No numbers to press. Explained exactly to me what was wrong abnd I was able to correct it.

Reviewed by: Mr Bailey

Review date: 20th July 2015


Very Happy

Very happy with the service. Dealt with very fast. A good service.

Reviewed by: Mrs Cross 

Review date: 28th July 2015


They bend over backwards to help you

After making an initial enquiry to upgrade my broadband experience, the sales advisor ( Raj ) from Unicom made choosing Unicom as my broadband provider quick and easy to do. He made every effort to make sure I was happy with the new deal I had signed for and gave me confidence to feel that I had made the right decision

Reviewed by: Kevin 

Review date: 3rd August 2015


Call divert

We had a problem with diverting calls to our mobile, so rang the call centre and Wendy (who was clearly not a robot) answered within seconds and explained eloquently how to check from our end, it was human error on our part, but were not made to feel inadequate in the least. To be able to immediately talk to a person on the other end these days is so unusual but so welcome. Thank you Wendy.

Reviewed by: Mrs Gold

Review date: 14th July 2015


Excellent Service

We have been with Unicom for a number of years now and have always found them to be helpful and prompt in responding to any query. Telecom rates are very competitive and have no hidden charges like a lot of operators out there.

Reviewed by: A Hannah

Review date: 27th June 2015


A really good company!

I have been very please with the service I have received from Unicom. On of the huge advantages of dealing with this company is that a real person answers my call straightaway - such a relief!

Reviewed by: Timothy Porter

Review date: 24th June 2015


Excellent after care

A young man called Mark helped me today. I was unable to access my account. Now I've got to admit I'm an old dink and not brilliant with technology and this young man couldn't have been more helpful or patient, if I didn't understand something which was quite often, he found the time & the patience to repeat it until I got it!

Reviewed by: Victoria Harris

Review date: 15th June 2015


Got problem sorted

It took almost 5 minutes to get through to an operator once I got through everything went according to plan. Thanks

Reviewed by: Mr Donald

Review date: 11th June 2015


Very Satisfied with the service

Thankful that having declined offers of additional services I have not be pressurised continually to change my mind as often happens with other companies and results in not dealing with them at all.

Reviewed by: Mr Skellorn

Review date: 7th June 2015


Excellent service

An excellent service, I called for a problem that I thought I had with the phone line which wasn't due to the phone line in the end but I was still given as much help as possible to rectify this problem.

Reviewed by: Jayne Parry

Review date: 2nd June 2015


Unicom offers a first rate reliable service

Unicom customer service personnel and technicians show politeness, patience and perserverance and efficiency within their specific fields of expertise.

Reviewed by: Ms Nicoll

Review date: 19th May 2015


Assistance with online login

This problem was resolved by the Customer Services Team in a most competent and professional manner to my complete satisfaction. Thank you very much to all concerned.

Reviewed by: Mr McEwen

Review date: 14th May 2015


Unusual telephone number activity noted on billing invoice

Unicom quickly determined and identified the number source, their operator Allan, came back to me within one hour as promised with conclusive findings and recommendations to resolve the issue. Many thanks.

Reviewed by: Mr Grigg

Review date: 23rd April 2015



I'm really happy to work with Unicom.. they've really friendly customer services and they are so helpful.

Reviewed by: Mr Kaya

Review date: 20th April 2015



Sarah was excellent, answered all my questions and fully resolved all matters. Thank you

Reviewed by: Mrs Basi

Review date: 10th April 2015


Very pleased with the service so far

I already have my phone line through Unicom and am about to get my broadband so expect to get the same excellent service

Reviewed by: Mrs Storey

Review date: 19th March 2015

I asked a question about my paperless Invoice

The person dealing with my query helped me immediately and talked me through the steps to take to get the information on screen that I was looking for.  Because I am older I am not totally confident on the computer and your assistant helped me and so I won't have to ring again.  I was very grateful.

Reviewed by: Mr Holden

Review date: 22nd March 2015


Customers service

Gentleman was very polite clear in what he said and could understand him perfectly.

Reviewed by: Dorothy c Asiamah

Review date: 31st March 2015

Customer advisor

Brilliant service today

Reviewed by: Mrs Smitham

Review date: 24th February 2015


 Telephone service

The service was helpful and reassuring and resolved straight away. Service was exactly as I was promised.

Reviewed by: Mrs Hubert

Review date: 12th March 2015


Faults department are second to none

The operator in the faults department was excellent she got the job of getting a workman to my property very quick

Reviewed by: Mr Thrumble

Review date: 18th March 2015


Enquiry re fault

I had cause to ring Unicom as we had an fault on our broadband which is by another provider although our phone line is with Unicom. The other provider told us to call them !! I'll let you guess who they were !  The advisor from Unicom was very helpful and did a test on the line which I then relayed to the other provider. So the fault is with the hub not the line. The Unicom advisor was very helpful and very quick, also reassuring that my call was answered very fast.

Reviewed by: Mr Larsen

Review date: 7th January 2015

Changing from paper bill

I had a problem accessing my account via the Internet but the girl I spoke to was more than helpful & sorted everything out in no time at all.Excellent.

Reviewed by: Mr Duncan

Review date: 13th February 2015


My advisor

Andrew was very helpful

Reviewed by: Mr Groom

Review date: 18th February 2015


Fantastic company

Unicom are a breath of fresh air, having had the BT experience I enjoy the straight forward, far cheaper and far more customer caring approach Unicom offers.  On the rare occasion whan I need to contact them, I always talk to UK call centres, for a start that's great. When I receive calls from other providers telling me they can save me money by using them, the quickest way to get rid of them is to say I'm with Unicom! Now that speaks volumes! 10 out of 10

Reviewed by: Mr Chambers

Review date: 2nd December 2014


Blown Away!!

The lady (sadly I didn't write her name down) that I spoke to had quite simply the best telephone technique that I have come across in memory. Clear, concise, friendly, professional she had everything and I consider myself something of a critic as I'm contacted so frequently by various business' via the telephone. I actually put the telephone down and said out loud... WOW!! I'm very pleased to have had the opportunity to say how excellent I thought she was.      Yours faithfully

Reviewed by: Mr Sandle

Review date: 10th December 2014


Excellent service

My problem was quickly resolved ensuring complete satisfaction.

Reviewed by: Jon Patchett

Review date: 29th December 2014


Great company they deliver what they say

I had a problem with my telephone line. Unicom did everything they could to help me.

Reviewed by: Mrs Oakeshot

Review date: 12th November 2014


Zambia Dave

Have just given positive feedback - but want to be sure it has been specifically correlated with Dave (bband tech) who said he was from Zambia - he was extremely helpful

Reviewed by: My Jones

Review date: 22nd November 2014


Customer Center Staff

AT LAST !! A Telecommunication company that you can TALK to!! I had reason to contact Unicom on 2 occasions today, On both I was answered immediately, my enquires were handled by one member of staff the first call involved questions the young lady did not have the answers to, no problem! she put me on hold for a short while and got the answers. the second enquiry was answered and sorted quickly. Well done both of you!!  I did say you could have the rest of the day off!!!

Reviewed by: Mr Leadley

Review date: 28th November 2014

I am so happy .....................

Day 1 so trying not to get too excited. However, the response I have had and the help that I have had today has been amazing.

I had to call customer help line this morning to get help with setting up the new router. It appeared that I had a problem with my land line and I didn't have to do a thing. It was all taken care of by Unicom.

I am now on line and my land line is working.

Definitely use this company. I am sio thrilled with the quick response I have had from them AND I can understand what they are saying.

Reviewed by: Mrs Burdon

Review date: 30th October 2014

Question resolved, no hassle complete satisfaction.

When told line was ok I checked the handset as advised and found loose connection. Plugged it in and everything ok. Thank you.

Reviewed by: Mr Everson

Review date: 1st November 2014


No-con with Unicom

I am completely satisfied with the service we are receiving since we became Unicom's customer. I would strongly recommend them to any business.

Reviewed by:Ms Tina-Marie Akbari

Review date: 4th November 2014

 Friendly & helpful

I spoke to three customer service personnel and all three were polite and friendly and tried their best to resolve the issue. Once the problem was identified it was rectified within 3 hours and a text was sent to inform me of this.

Reviewed by: Mrs Money

Reviewed date: 24th October 2014



Customer service as it should be.

Problems do occur In business and although I was peeved with how long I was without my business line, the way in which my calls were dealt with gave me confidence that my problem mattered to them.

Reviewed by: Ms Isidorou

Review date: 24th October 2014



Great service as always.
Polite person on the phone, knowledgeable and informative.

Everything positive really

Reviewed by: Andrew Bisset

Review date: 29th October 2014


All sorted in 2 phone calls

I was very impressed with the result and the co-operation of the service given, but then again that is the service we pay for, this is the reason that we stay with this company.

Reviewed by: Malcolm Miles

Review date: 17th October 2014


Brilliant, I'd call back just for a chat!!!

I've always found the service really good. from the amount of time taken to be put through to the relevant department - seconds, to the attitude of the people I've spoken to - really helpful & friendly especially the unfortunate person who's had the job of trying to talk me through the various steps to recovery! Always taking the trouble to explain things in more detail if necessary (also with a good sense of humour, needed, believe me, I'm not really good with techi' stuff!) & no problems with understanding what they were saying. Excellent!!

Reviewed by: Elaine Grimwade

Review date: 21st October 2014


Great calm response when the Internet went wrong ...at our end

Thanks for being on the other end of a phone to help us reconnect

Reviewed by: Ms Chambers

Review date: 21st October 2014

Unicom to the rescue!

We had a problem and one phone call solved it, thank you Unicom.

Reviewed by: Mr Hilditch

Review date: 26th September 2014


Great service

My problem was resolved in no time.

Reviewed by: Mr Wood

Review date: 1st October 2014


Couldnt have expected more

Amy the adviser was very helpful when I reported a fault with the line.  As soon as the line was repaired I received a text message.

Reviewed by: Mrs Hamilton

Review date: 6th October 2014

Fast response

After discovering a fault on my telephone line I contacted Unicom who immediately diagnosed the problem and while I waited on the line they contacted the service I needed.  I was told the problem was outwith our property and the repair would be undertaken within the next 24 hrs.Next day the engineer called to say the repair had been made - absolutely brilliant.

Reviewed by: Mrs Stevens

Review date: 24th Septmeber 2014

 Customer Friendly Service

Hi Anthony Thank you very much for being extremely helpful and understanding especially as I forgot my username and password!  Talking me through the resetting process for which I am eternally grateful!

Reviewed by: Mrs Warren

Review date: 16th September 2014

Job well done

I rang Unicom and my call was answered straightaway by a real person who was very helpful and gave me the information i needed and helpful tips as well. 110% highly recommended.

Reviewed by: Mr Burrill

Review date: 10th September 2014

Always helpful never any issues

Never had any issues with the service and they were always polite on the phone.

Reviewed by: Miss Victoria Wilson

Review date: 22nd August 2014



Real voice

I find that being able to talk to a real person of great benefit.

Reviewed by: Mr Chadd

Review date: 28th August 2014

Call swiftly answered and query quickly dealt with

I wanted Unicom to check our phone lines. The call was picked up swiftly, I gave our account number and answered a brief couple of questions to confirm my identity and the call handler (UK based) asked what I needed. A quick explanation and two minutes later the answer came back that the lines checked out OK, but that there seemd to be an issue with our equipment. A quick anything more I can help you with today and we were off, done and dusted in 5 minutes. Breath of fresh air.

Reviewed by: Mr Starling

Review date: 3th September 2014


Very pleased

I like the fact that you speak to someone in England and that they answer very quickly.

Reviewed by: Mrs Joan Haselgrove

Review date: 8th August 2014

First rate service

Outstanding customer services. Well thought out tarriffs and benefits. All utility bills under one monthly payment. Enquiries dealt with quickly and efficiently, no recorded answer phone or machine operator messages, straight to a human!! Only downside is the occasional hard sell on mobile phones etc.

Reviewed by: Graham Stewart

Review date: 15th August 2014

Outstanding Company

Unicom are always willing to help . They give good customer service and have very good rates.

Reviewed by: Mr Alan Rodgers

Review date: 18th August 2014

Be united with Unicom

Customer service advice is clear and friendly

Reviewed by: Mr Meastranzi

Review date: 25th July 2014

Top Boffins at Unicom

I recently changed to Unicom Broadband and Unicom staff were very helpful and the broadband boffins were brilliant at advising and keeping me right at configuring my outlook express to the new system , it was very reassuring how I was made to feel at ease during the set up process and  both the advisors and broadband staff made sure everything was totally fine and I was happy  before completing the phone calls.

Reviewed by: Mr Richardson

Review date: 24th July 2014



Small problem on my business phone line was fixed very quickly, fantastic and very friendly company.

Thank you.

Reviewed by: Riccardo

Review date: 5th August 2014

Unicom - Unique amongst Telecom providers

My Company has used Unicom for 7 years now. During that time I have only experienced one problem - loss of land line signal. I phoned Unicom Customer Service, a very pleasant lady checked the problem and got back to me within 8 minutes. She reported a line fault and that she would be monitoring Open Reaches repair progress. I received a text and a further phone call. The fault was repaired overnight. Unicom Customer Service phoned the next morning to check that the system was back to normal.Excellent service, efficient, prompt and friendly. So much better than other providers I have used. Unicom prices arent bad either.

Reviewed by: Tim Bond

Review date: 4th July 2014

Fantastic customer service

Every time Unicom said they would call back with an update, they did.Every time Unicom said that something would happen, it did.What a fantastic company to deal with.Our fault wasnt straight forward but was sorted out in a timely manner and with minimal disruption to our service. Thanks Unicom

Reviewed by: Mr Ashford

Review date: 8th July 2014

This Man was Amazing !

Jo was absolutely brilliant, it turned out Broadband was down in our village but this was due to B.T. working. Jo kept me informed during the course of the afternoon and went through everything simply and clearly to get us up and running before opening time. I cannot thank this man enough. I am rubbish when it comes to technical problems but he talked me through everything! Unicoms service is top. We do not get this service from any other provider. The phone is answered by an advisor in seconds, and the English speaking advisor speaks extremely clearly. No hanging on the line and pressing one number after another and eventually getting a recorded message or a call centre in Timbuktu, what other service provider does this! Thanks Jo and Unicom!

Reviewed by: Mrs Welch

Review date: 13th July 2014

They listened and acted straight away

It was nice to talk to a friendly person who you felt was generally interested, listened and explanned what was going to happen and by when.

Reviewed by: Mr Davies

Review date: 21st June 2014

My adviser Kitty was easy to understand and very helpful

What a difference it makes having the help line answered within seconds and then being able to converse with an adviser speaking clearly in English.

Reviewed by: Mrs Robertson

Review date: 27th June 2014

Wow! Thats the way to handle customers queries

Ive only been with Unicom a few weeks, but if the way my technical query was handled is anything to go by then I certainly made the right decision moving to Unicom.

Reviewed by: Adrian Twelvetrees

Review date: 1st July 2014

Happy to be with Unicom

The Customer Services person I dealt with was friendly, courteous and efficient which is what we all want from suppliers.

Reviewed by: Mr Barr

Review date: 5th June 2014

Unicom leave BT in the dark ages

I always get a straightforward answer all the time, from someone in the UK. Feel like the company is still small enough to actually care about the individual customer.

Reviewed by: Mr Jones

Review date: 10th June 2014


Great service...

Great service from a great company...always keep me updated on any offers that could save me money.

Reviewed by: Mr O'Connor

Review date: 13th June 2014

Great Savings!

I have been with Unicom for just over a year. Our bills are cheaper than with our previous provider and the customer service is very efficient.

Reviewed by: Mr D. Atwood

Reviewed date: 27th May 2014

Good service, talk to real people.

All my needs in one place and all a call away, with a real person answering at the other end.Thank you.

Reviewed by: Mr Stockbridge

Reviewed date: 29th May 2014

Top Quality Service

Great service and friendly help. 


Reviewed by: Mr Blackshaw

Reviewed date: 5th June 2014