Network Services

Ready to switch or add telecoms services?


Unicom's Telecoms Service offers a wide range of services and features which you can apply to your telephone line. The features are outlined below:

Caller Display

This feature shows the telephone number of the caller on the screen so you can see who is calling before answering the call. A phone with a display function is required for this service.

Call Sign

This feature allows the customer to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line.

1 Month Call Redirect

Caller redirect is a service provided at your local exchange that informs incoming callers of the dialed numbers new telephone number. This is most frequently used when a number cannot be retained during a Change of Address process. This feature last for one month.

3 Month Call Redirect

This is the same as above but lasts for 3 months.

3 Way Calling

Connect with two other phone lines during a single call. Save time by talking to two people at the same time.

Reminder Call

Create reminders allocated for certain times and your phone will ring as required.

Call Diversion

Call diversion enables you to have all your calls diverted to another number (any number in the UK, most overseas destinations, and a mobile phone).

Call Waiting

A gentle beep alerts you there is another call waiting. You can then choose to finish your original call or swap between calls.

1471 Extra

UU 1471 is dialled to hear details of up to the last 5 calls, together with the time and date (unless withheld or from an exchange where the Calling Line Identity is not available). After dialling 1471 instructions will be given on how to use the service.

Call Barring

Allows you to choose to stop certain types of calls being made. E.g, all calls, all international calls, premium rate calls but not 999 calls or 151 calls.
You can also stop incoming calls to your phone. A pin number is provided for security reasons and can be changed at any time.

Anonymous Call Rejection

This feature allows you to block callers who withhold their number when calling.

Choose to Refuse

Bar numbers that you do not wish to speak to again. This feature only applies to numbers of calls already received.


A phone messaging service. Allows call messages to be managed and received.

Call Minder Basic

This service records answer messages if there is no reply or the line is engaged. Call minder can store up to 30 messages. Each message can be up to a maximum length of 5 minutes.

Smart Divert

Similar to call divert only you can change the number that the calls are diverted to remotely. This means you do not need to have access to the line to program or change the divert, this can be done remotely from any location with access to a landline.

Ring Back

If you make a call and the line is engaged then a call back can be arranged at the press of a button. The call back will be made when the line is next free.