Wednesday 30th April 2014 - Unicom Extends its Community Support Scheme

Unicom, a leading provider of telecoms and utilities to small businesses nationwide, has announced it will continue to run its Community Support Scheme for a further 12 months.

Re-launched last year, the scheme donates up to £500 to community projects aimed at improving the quality of life for local residents in the communities where Unicom operates.

Unicom’s CEO, Chris Earle, said “Our customers are the many thousands of small businesses around the country that depend on thriving local communities for their living.  And with more than 500 staff across 12 offices nationwide we all understand the importance of giving something back to those communities.  We are therefore delighted to extend our Community Support Scheme for another year.”

The scheme, which invites applications from customers as well as local community groups and charities, is focused on the areas around individual Unicom offices and has now covered Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Kirkcaldy. In the year since its re-launch, Unicom has donated over £6,000 to fund a range of community projects in these areas. Over the next 12 months it hopes to launch the scheme in Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Glasgow, Ipswich, Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent.

One charity to receive the full £500 was Sheffield based charity LOCAL. Sheryl Roberts, who applied to the scheme, said “I was delighted to receive the grant from Unicom. It meant we could run an accredited IT skills course so residents could include it as an extra qualification on their CVs. We aim to help increase the chances of long term employability helping individual families and benefitting the local economy.”

Another charity to receive an award was Park Community Action also in Sheffield, who used their £500 donation to run a ‘cooking on a budget’ course. Marie O’Grady, who applied for the funding, said “Feeding your children a nutritious meal is a challenge in itself for some parents, so when you factor in the small budget they have to work with it is even harder. We were so grateful to Unicom for the funding as it meant we could run the course and give others the opportunity to come and learn new skills.”

For more information on the Community Support Scheme and how to apply click here.