Thursday 20th March 2014 - £500 Donated to Fenham Association of Residents

Unicom has recently re-launched its Community Support Scheme in Newcastle and after a great response has picked three worthy charities to award the funding to. The first was Fenham Association of Residents (FAR).

Fenham Association of Residents is a charity that supports residents living in a disadvantaged area of the city on a low income. They provide many services across all ages to support the development of social skills and decease feelings of social exclusion.

They run numerous activities and projects for children covering sports from skiing to trampolining, as well as language and writing groups. They cater for the adults in the community as well running craft classes, IT lessons and have their own community banking service supported by Moneywise.



The FAR Centre will be starting a new session in summer 2014. This session will provide children with learning disabilities the opportunity to engage and have fun through sensory equipment, suiting their learning needs. The funding donated by Unicom will go towards the cost of the sensory equipment, which will aid the development of around 200 children.

Mark Gowland, who applied for the funding on behalf of FAR, said “We are delighted to be receiving the funding. It’s great to see a large company like Unicom supporting local community groups. The new session will have such a benefit for both children and parents that attend.”

To read more about Fenham Association of Residents visit their website

To see the other charities awarded visit the Community Support Scheme page here.