Broadband Help

1. Quick start guide

Follow this guide for instructions on setting up your Unicom Broadband supply for the first time.

2. Broadband troubleshooting

If you have completed the setup on the quick start guide but are still experiencing problems with your broadband connection please follow our trouble shooting guide to resolve any issues.

3. Manual modem/ router configuration

Follow this guide for assistance manually configuring your Thompson Speedtouch 516 modem or Technicolor TG 582 router supplied by Unicom.

4. Wireless

Follow this guide for assistance in connecting your Technicolor TG 582 router to you wireless device

5. Email

If you are not currently experiencing any issues with your Unicom broadband supply but are having trouble accessing your emails then please follow our email setup guides.

6. Common Router settings

Please follow this link for common settings required for all Unicom broadband connections