08 NTS Help

If you would like to benefit from an 08 number, please visit our 08 Numbers Service section for further information and details of how to apply.

Remember, once your 08 number is live and ready to use you will not receive any calls via your new number unless you tell people about it! Below are some ideas of how to advertise your new number:

  • Update your website – This is one of the quickest and most successful ways to advertise your new 08 number. Update your website with the new details so that the number is on display immediately.
  • Letters to customers - Send letters telling all your existing customers and suppliers about your new 08 number. Invite them to contact you regarding a new product or service you are offering, to show you truly are a progressive and growing company.
  • Update standard stationary - Update business cards, letterhead, brochures etc with your new 08 number. This has the advantage that if you ever move you will not have to change the number as it can quickly and easily be redirected to your new premises.
  • Customise stationary - If you work directly with your customers or the general public why not invest in some customised stationary, such as pens or mugs, which feature your new 08 number. Customers will then have your new number to hand.
  • Use in advertisements - Update any advertisements that you have, for example, in Yellow Pages or on, or in newspapers, to show your new 08 number. Research shows the use of 08 numbers in advertisements dramatically boosts calls made by potential respondents.