Online Billing

In today’s ever more environmentally conscious society, it is important to look at the way our businesses operate and contribute towards reducing their carbon footprint.

As the UK’s fastest growing telecoms company, Unicom is striving to reduce the resources used to send out customer invoices each month. We are actively asking all customers to do their part in protecting the environment by switching to online billing by signing up to Customer Zone. Using this free service you will be able to access 12 months of invoices in a fully itemised format and can download a .PDF version if required.

To date, 49% of Unicom customers have switched from receiving a paper invoice, saving 150,000 sheets of paper a month or over 1.8 million sheets per annum. This equates to saving nearly 220 trees per year!

Online billing is the new and environmentally friendly way you can access your Unicom bill. Instead of receiving a paper invoice through the post, all you need to do is log into Customer Zone where you will be able to access your bill online or download it as a PDF file. This offer is open to all Unicom customers and is completely free of charge.

As well as accessing your invoices you will benefit from access to Total Recall (tools to analyse your telephone line usage), plus the ability to test your line for faults and arrange engineer visits if required. Click here to sign up for Customer Zone.

E-billing Itemisation

A fully itemised paper invoice currently costs £5.49 per month. A fully itemised online invoice is free of charge. Not only do you save £5.49 per month, but you can also sort, filter and search your call information as well as gain access to a suit of account management tools. And of course, as well as making a monthly saving you will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of online billing

It provides regular and secure access to your bills. Your bills and all of the information on your account are available at the touch of a button. You can view bills online or download as a PDF file. Viewing bills online allows you a range of tools (such as sorting and filtering) to analyse your bill. You gain access to other benefits of the Customer Zone. Reduces paper handling for staff. You save £2.99 avoiding a paper invoice charge. You receive full itemisation free of charge. This would normally cost you £2.50 per month with paper invoicing. Coupled with the saving on the paper invoice charge you save £5.49 a month!

Trees saved

Currently Unicom provides telecommunication services for around 100,000 business customers, each one of which requires a monthly invoice detailing their service charges. For each of those customers an average of 4 pages will be used in a monthly invoice including the envelope. This equates to using 320,000 sheets of paper per month, and works out at over 3.8 million sheets of paper per year used on invoices alone.

Recent figures show that the average tree can produce 8333.3 sheets of paper*, which equates to 36 trees worth of paper used every month, or over 450 trees per annum. If every Unicom customer signed up for e-billing, trees covering an area the size of Trafalgar Square could be saved from deforestation every year.

E-billing FAQs

Q: What is online billing and how does it work?

A: Online billing gives you access to your monthly Unicom invoices online and as a downloadable PDF file via Unicom Customer Zone, all you have to do is register.

Q: How much does online billing cost?

A: Nothing. Online billing is available free of charge to all Unicom customers.

Q: Will I be charged for full itemisation?

A: No, a benefit of online billing is having access to a fully itemised bill at no extra cost. Not only that but you will be able to search, sort and filter your bill allowing you to see the information you need regarding calls made.


Q: How do I register for online billing?

A: By simply accessing Customer Zone and clicking on the register tab Once you have signed up you will not only have access to the last 12 months worth of invoices (where applicable) but you can also benefit from other Customer Zone tools, such as Total Recall and the online fault reporter.

Q: Do I have to change the way I pay my bill?

A: No. As long as your Direct Debit is set up your monthly invoice amount will be taken from your bank automatically.

Q: Is my account information secure?

A: Yes. The PDF copy of your bill will only be able to be accessed by you.